Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc provides the highest quality in professional application and installation and strive for the utmost in client satisfaction, excellence and beauty in all our projects and work. We have been involved in all aspects of the lime finish business in the US for over 20 years and the company is owned and operated by a dedicated group of European Artisans and master craftsmen. 

Our experience covers a broad spectrum of the trade stating out with over lath, block and brick and then moving on to ornamental  for both run in place and in shop, also replicating, restoring and repairing. We have covered everything in the past from interior and exterior  systems, wet-dash, dry-dash, veneer over blue board and drywall finishing. 

Important Information - Please Read

Due to a busy schedule with our own applications and installations we no longer provide products, classes or tools to the public but will continue to supply to our existing customers and established clients.

Promotional Materials and Samples

We offer a selection of some of our most popular samples in the form of a booklet to Architects and Interior Designers and is available upon request through our New York depot. 

Color Matching In Progress

Color Matching In Progress

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Email: mvpsusa@gmail.com