Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc offers the following provided by clients, customers and students.

I am very excited to start this project. I must say, that no video, book or information on-line can compare to someone physically teaching how to apply the products. I thank my lucky stars that I had the sensibility to attend the seminar by Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc.

Whatever I thought was completely different. The instructor at Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc was very detailed and gave us all undivided attention. I asked lots of questions and he patiently answered every one of them. Also gave us invaluable application tips that you have learned over the years. Coming from an artists eye I was very impressed with your sense of color and your ability to know exactly how the products will look before it is dry.

One can tell that you are very passionate and a perfectionist at your craft. Can't get better than that for an instructor.

Ilda Fishman, NJ.

Before I took this workshop by Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc, the finish was a mysterious art form only to be found in ancient European Cathedrals and homes of the very wealthy.

The instructor's approach through learning by doing, in this hands-on training truly takes the mystery out of this age old process. The product is to traditional wall paint, what marble and granite counter tops are to laminates and Corian. Once you have experienced it, there is no going back.

The mastery of the application technique is within the reach of anyone who takes the classes and has the motivation to practice. In the end, they will be rewarded with a truly unique craft which is only limited by ones imagination.

Gerry Hudland, CT.

Thanks so much for the very informative and enjoyable workshop held recently in Hawthorne, NY by Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc. I am glad I flew in from Virginia to attend. I realized that a novice such as I truly needs to witness an expert applying this specialized technique before attempting it solo. I had already completed my kitchen using your Marmocarrara prior to your seminar.

Given the fact that I dabbled in the decorative painting field, I still was not able to get my finish to look like your original sample. Attending your class quickly made me understand the contributing factors (i.e. my errors) involved in a much more rustic look of my kitchen walls. Fortunately, all was not lost however, since I was going for a less polished and less sophisticated result anyway.

Everyone that sees my kitchen loves the finish. I will forward pictures of it to you at a later date. I highly recommend this class by Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc to everyone interested in the art of the application.

I continue to practice the principles taught to us in class and my samples are getting better each time. There really is no substitute for experience.

I plan to tackle a guest bath as my next project. I think I will do Classic over Carrara this time.

Maria Mejias, Danville, VA

I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful classes held by Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc. It wasn't long after our sessions began that I realized our instructor is a master in his craft. Your obvious knowledge and level of proficiency made me quickly realize I was in the right place to learn what I was seeking to learn.

The money was well spent. I felt the classes held by Marmorino Venetian Plasters USA Inc were well organized so we could all make progress at an equal rate.

Individualized attention to each one of us was a nice advantage, too. It was great to have a personalized environment where we could ask questions whenever we needed to. The "hands-on" lessons are worth their weight in gold...!

One final comment: I'd like to make is that I personally appreciated your genuineness of character. You love what you do, you're good at it, and your seminars are geared to teach, not make a fast buck! Thanks again.

Tom - Faux and Wood, NJ.